Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When reality has to set back in quickly

Hubster and I went on another bike ride on Saturday. It was the perfect weather for me. Not so windy and warm. Upper 70's. I can handle that.

So we called a sitter and Loren called his cousin and we went on a ride.

It's actually fun to ride motorcycles. You get to experience God's beauty without having to open your window. And once it gets warmer out there, you get to experience the bugs God made. Bugs that fly on your face or anywhere else they do. Just like they do on your windshield of your car.

One day, we were 'cool' riders. No helmets, just our hair blowing in the wind. We were driving down a country road enjoying the scenery when BAM! A bug comes flying fast and hits me smack dab in the middle of my forehead. I think I ended up with a bruise from that kamikaze bug. Nothing like bug juice running down your face while you are going 70 mph.

But Saturday we were 'safe' riders as opposed to 'cool' riders. Hubster had on his half hemet and I had on the full face helmet. I like to keep the bugs off my face, if you know what I mean.

I actually look like a dork compared to other riders out there. They are stylin'. They have the tight t-shirts with their hair pulled back in a nice bandana wearing these cool looking goggles. I have on my jacket over my t-shirt ( I'm a wimp, I don't like to 'feel' bugs on me. Besides, it was still cool out there) I'm wearing my prescription glasses that I need to see far and that wonderful full face helmet. I think I'm stylin' too!

So we head on down the highway, rolling with the big guys. No not really. We just drive. Around here we have been under a fire watch. With the high winds anything is possible. There have also been many wild fires. While we were riding, we saw one. It was quite a ways from the highway we were on, but you could see that it wasn't a little fire. By the time we came back around on our way home, the fire had gotten next to the highway. The firefighters were pretty busy.

We ended up having a good time. Even though my hiney fell asleep. I really couldn't feel it when I'd get off the bike. I'm assuming it was still there, I just couldn't really tell.

When we were leaving the Restaurant we ate at, we 'biker chicks' were going to make a pit stop. We waited in line. Of course women always have to wait in line at bathrooms. But there was only one bathroom for women and one bathroom for men. We waited for quite a while, I finally decided I was going in the men's bathroom. Enough waiting for me.

When I was waiting for my friend to get out, a little girl had been standing there watching us weirdo's go in the men's bathroom. I asked her if she wanted me to watch the door for her while she used it. (We'd been waiting a good 10 minutes for the bathroom to come open) She said no, that was the men's and she wanted to use the women's. What made me laugh was that she said that she hoped they wouldn't be until midnight because she had to go to church in the morning. She had her priorities straight.
When we were driving off the parking lot, I notice a group of little girls staring at us. When I turned to look at them, they waved like I was their long lost friend. I felt cool at that moment even if I did look like a dork.
We get home after a fun and relaxing and body parts sleeping ride. But what we find at home is anything but relaxing.

First we find the door going from the garage into the house wide open. Remember that we live in the country, and what critters live in the country? I'm sure we now have some uninvited house guests.
We then see OUR bedroom like this. Somehow they were all playing, chasing each other and AB hit his knee on the door frame and next thing you know, half of one side of the door frame is on the floor. At least no one got hurt.
I guess all good things must come to an end sometime.


BARBB said...

looks like you need a new babysitter! :P

Kari said...

I agree with Barb, looks like you need a new sitter. How in the world did AB do that? I'm glad you had fun and were relaxed when you find this! I'm sure you looked way cool!

Elizabeth said...

I would have at least tried to repair the damage and hope taht you wouldn't notice!!