Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Adventure Boy

Last Tuesday was Adventure Boys birthday. He had been extremely excited because we let them pick what they want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So he chose pancakes for breakfast, tacos (homemade) for lunch and frozen pizza for dinner. I know, those are such nutritious food choices, but hey, a kid only turns 7 once.

He had also received some money from some people. He wanted a certain nerf gun. He gives me the money and says, "here mom, it's to help pay for the gun I want" How sweet is that?

Then UB had one dollar, he combined it with AB's 2o something dollars and 0ff we went to the store to get AB his toy gun. We get to the store and AB says he wants to make sure he has enough money to also buy his little brother something. He picks out a gun (the one that he wanted) and then lets his brother choose a small gun and they go pay.

UB is thanking AB profusely for buying him a gun on AB's birthday. AB is quite proud of himself because I told him I was proud for thinking of someone else on his birthday.

Then we get home and they start shooting each other and fighting. That happy moment at the store was short lived.

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