Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubster!

Hubster's birthday was Saturday. We actually went out on another date. I'm starting to enjoy these dates with my husband. I'm not used to them. We would go out on dates, but it was maybe once every 6 months or so. So I'm really liking this. Anybody want to volunteer to watch my boys anytime?

On Friday, my friend had invited my boys to a sleepover at her house with her 4 boys. A house with 6 boys. Wow! But the boys all get along and they have a great time together. So the boys left sometime in the afternoon and stayed the night.

Hubster and I celebrated his birthday at dinner time on Friday night. I knew Hubster wanted to work on his car Saturday and figured we would eat in after picking up the boys.

This was UB's first sleepover and AB's second one. It was actually strange to sleep in a house with no kids. I was enjoying the quiet, but at the same time, I missed the noise. We stayed up late watching a movie, but being old fogies, we had to turn the movie off because our sleep was being interrupted. I woke up at 8 the next morning on my own. I didn't have anyone standing 3 inches from my faces, scaring me out of my wits as they said "mom, what's for breakfast?"

The boys had made their daddy a homemade card and each had attatched something from their room to give to daddy for his birthday. UB's gifts consisted of a hot wheels car that he said was a collector car. It had apparantly been involved in a road rage battle with another car because the scratches on it told a story. He also put a paper clip, a rubber band, a pen, a pencil, a candy and some lint.

AB had made a card and taped some candy on the inside as well as a keychain with a Jeff Gordon mini car on it.

Nothing like having homemade gifts made with love.

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Hubster said...

I love my family.