Friday, March 7, 2008

UB and his awesome Spiderman flipper floppers

Being the second boy born is tough for UB. Especially because he usually just gets hand me downs. Now, I don't have a problem with that. It saves me money. And UB doesn't have a problem with it either.

Hand me downs are what UB gets when it comes to clothes, shoes, underwear, toys and anything that his brother or his friends or cousins can't use anymore. UB gets very excited when someone gives him 'used' stuff.

We were going through AB's clothes that had been up in the attic. UB was wanting to put everything on that he saw. At one point he had on two shirts, a pair of shorts and some water shoes (with socks). He wanted to go play outside just the way he was dressed. Nevermind that it was only 40 degrees outside. The only way he was talked into changing was to tell him he couldn't ride his dirt bike without jeans on. So the shirts stayed on, but he changed his pants and shoes.

Recently, he was given these flipper floppers.

Spiderman is awesome mom! Is what I've heard lots of times since these flipper floppers joined our family. UB even said that they stuck to the walls. I wasn't sure what he meant, but upon further investigation, I realized that he thought because they were Spiderman shoes, that they stuck to the walls. He then proceeded to show us how it was done. But when the flipper floppers wouldn't 'stick' to the walls, he then said that all the sticky was out already. I just hope he doesn't try walking on the walls when I'm not around. Maybe I'll see him walking on the ceiling.

I'd better go put the tape and glue away.

UB wants to wear these shoes all the time. He was walking around here yesterday making loud noises on the floor while stomping around in his awesome shoes. Then because it was 'only' 36 degrees outside, he wanted to wear them out. Pretty soon he's going to be a typical Northener where he wears shorts, a sweat shirt and flip flops.
In the meantime, he will continue to wear his Spiderman flipper floppers around the house while continuing to see if they 'stick' to the wall.

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