Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My little Mexican boy

This is the way you'll find my boys. Most of the time. Being together. But when the camera is not on them, they are fighting. With love. You will usually find UB with his fingers in his mouth just like this. We are trying to break him of this habit, but he seems to forget on occasion.

My boys are different. From the way they do stuff to the way they look. I'm glad because life would be so boring if they were the same. Although they are alike when it comes to thinking about being mischievous.

We call AB our little Mexican boy and UB our little gringo (white boy). AB has a beautiful olive color complexion that most people spend lots of money at the tanning beds trying to achieve this color. UB on the other hand has little to no color. He burns in the summer while AB just gets darker.

Sometimes it's frustrating when the boys are with me and people ask "Are they brothers?" I say yes and they proceed to ask "From the same father?" I just look at them with disbelief because I can't believe they actually have the audacity to ask that question.

I just smile and nod.

Or else people will actually ask the boys "Are you two brothers?" Good grief people.

Anyway, as AB gets older, he notices more and more how different his skin color is than his brothers. Especially when science has to do with genetics.

The other day AB innocently asked when his skin was going to turn white. I looked stunned at him because we've had this conversation several times before. I tell him that his skin will never be white, that this is the way God made him. Then I silently pray that he never finds out about Michael Jackson.

He says, "But mom, the inside of my hands are already turning white, when is the rest of me going to turn white."

"Well son", I say, "You are a little lighter right now because you haven't been out in the sun. But come summer, you won't be light anymore. You'll have that beautiful brown color again."

He looks at me, then his hands and says "Cool!"

My little Mexican boy has a lot to learn.

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leb said...

Is fighting with love were UB got that mark under his eye? LOL