Thursday, January 8, 2009


The boys and I went into a store yesterday and when we left the store and got settled in the car, this is the conversation that took place.

AB: Why do some people have their lips inside out?

Me: eyes pop open wide ~ what do you mean?

AB: You know. Inside out, like this. (proceeds to show me )

Me: ~facing forward. Driving. ~ who had lips like that?

AB: That cashier. She had her lips inside out. Is it for kissing?

Me: ~still facing forward. Still driving. Now with wider eyes.~ umm. No, God made us all different. That's the way God made her.

AB: ~sits quietly for a minute~ I wonder why He made her with her lips inside out. That wasn't very nice.

Hubster better get ready, because I'm sending AB to him with all these questions and the harder ones that arise.

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