Monday, January 26, 2009

Hands on Health Field trip

After a very busy week, we took a field trip to a hands on health place. We hadn't been on a field trip in a while and had been wanting to do this one.

I didn't know what to expect. Most health places are somewhat boring. Too much knowledge for kids to understand.

But this place was pretty cool. They had lots of hands on stuff for the kids and the kids all seem to have enjoyed it.

One of the purposes of this place is to show the kids all the different areas out there in the medical field and maybe intrigue their interest to do one when they grow up.

They even had a car where you would sit in and the video game was showing you how difficult it is to manuvour the car when you are drunk. They also had an area for those people that smoked. It showed the difference in healthy lungs and smokers lungs.

When they walked in, they encountered this slide. It was in a head and when they slid down, air would blow on them to signify the sneeze. The bottom part had a red punch bag that looked like the tonsils. Needless to say, this was a hit with all the kids.
They had places throughout the area where you could step into the doctors shoes. It showed a little video of the role of the doctor and told you all about it. You would step out and then step back in and it would be another doctor's role.

UB's favorite place was the pharmacy. He pretended to be the pharmacist and enjoyed it.

AB's favorite place was where you pretended to be a surgeon. They were able to keep the mask and cap and they were quite thrilled with that.
This surgery place had a plastic bin of some sort and you would stick your hands into the gloves that were there. They would actually perform surgeries. They could do heart surgery, knee surgery or something else. The video was performing at the same time and tell all about the surgery.

The boys enjoyed it, and they even learned a few things.
Great way to end the week.


Elizabeth said...

Where is that?

BARBB said...

I was going to ask the same thing..where is that at? That is so cool! :P