Monday, January 19, 2009

My Monday Pet Peeve

Having gray hair blended with black hair has been an experience.

I actually like the way it looks.

I also like the fact that I don't have to spend lots of money coloring my hair every 2-3 weeks.

Maybe one day I'll go back to coloring it, but right now, I'm enjoying it.

I have encountered a lot of people that have known me before I went gray and don't recognize me.

I have also encountered a lot of people that talked to me before I went gray and now act like they are going to get a 'gray hair' disease.

It's actually quite humorous.

They are just jealous because I'm not afraid of showing my wisdom. (gray hair is a sign of wisdom)

I still have a lot of people tell me that I'm crazy for not coloring my hair.

Some just ask "why"?

I think it's to each his/her own. I feel comfortable with my hairdo and it's no one's business what I should do.

I don't mind people's opinions but if they are just telling me things because they are shallow, then that's another thing.

In people's eyes, gray hair means old.

But sometimes I look younger, with my gray hair, than those shallow people, that wear 3 inches of caked on makeup, 1/2" thick eyeliner and globs and globs of mascara.

And they are 5 or more years younger than me.

I know this is a negative post, but I just had to get this off my chest.

Besides, it's my blog and I can write about whatever I want.

I don't like people that treat you one way when you are alone with them and then another way when they are around their friends.

So that is my pet peeve for this beautiful Monday Morning.

What is your pet peeve?


leb said...

Come back and see me. I love you just the way you are gray and funny!

BARBB said...

YOU are funny..Laura just needs to be if you are happy no worries :) and you look Marvelous!

Kari said...

It only matters what God thinks! God thinks your beautiful and wonderful and lovely to Him! I love how you've gone gray, sorry I didn't do it with you.