Monday, January 5, 2009

My new favorite game, Wii Fit!

The boys got a Wii for Christmas. I almost thought we weren't going to be getting one but Santa came through.

They got the Nerf game and I've been playing that one. It sure is fun to shoot the targets and unlock new guns.

So I still had some Christmas cash left over for me and I went and bought me a Wii Fit. But you never would know that I got it for me. Those boys, especially AB, think it's all for them.

They want to play non-stop on the Wii Fit. Today I did set a limit because school is back on and it sure makes it a great bribery tool to motivate with. Whaaaa haaa haaa haaa.

Not that I would do that. Whatever. Like you all wouldn't do that either.

Anyway, this Wii Fit thingy is scary. It tells you what your BMI is. The other day it told me that I was normal and then yesterday it told me that I had gained 3 lbs in a day and now I was overweight.

The boys thought that was funny. Especially when the mii character showed a little belly.

Then this machine asked me if I knew why I had gained this weight? Was I snacking too much? Lack of exercise? Good grief machine. Make me feel worse than what I do will you?

It is fun and makes you work hard. AB's goal is to unlock everything. Which he has almost succeeded.

I think the super hula is fun. Where else but through a mii can I hula 5 hoops. Very cool!!!

Maybe I'll just go exercise on this machine and it will whip me in shape.

It's my turn now on the Wii Fit, so I'll talk to y'all tomorrow.


Dawn said...

We got a Wii for Christmas too, and I have been trying to find Wii Fit everywhere. Very hard to find around here. Enjoy! :-)

Kari said...

I've asked for wii fit for my birthday! Hopefully they will have them fully stocked by then! Until then I'll enjoy my own brain telling me how much I've gained or lost (like I loose! ha!).

BARBB said...

Im telling you ..that is an evil little machine! but I want one! :) would gripe at me everyday..that little belly would be huge! :P