Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Come hither, strong GI Joe. Save me!!

When I was little, my mom used to have to bribe me to play with dolls. I disliked dolls. Muchly.
Dolls scare me. I have only two dolls in my house. My first doll that I ever got, when I was five. And a porcelain doll that my mom gave me several years ago.

My poor mom. She had two boys and me. A tomboy. I would rather climb trees and run barefoot through the sticker patch than carry dolls around and have tea parties.

She would have to bribe me with books. I love to read. Even at a young age, I enjoyed it. Reading is a gateway to different experiences.

Anyway, mom would tell me that if I would play dolls for a certain amount of time, she would get me a new book. As much as I hated playing with the dolls, I did it for the new book.

So now that my boys are older, they still play with Lego's, but now they play with action figures.


Not having girls, I thought I wouldn't have to worry about playing with dolls. Boy was I ever wrong. What does it matter if these 'action figures' are manly with guns and ammo. They are still dolls.

The boys bring me these dolls to play with them. I make excuses because I just don't want to play with them. I know, mean mom. Whatever!!

So here are the boys 'action figures' that have kept them busy and entertained.

Here we have some small action figures. All with different jobs for the task at hand.
Skeleton guy takes a breather because he does have a cast you know. He's actually thinking of how to kill muscle man in front of him who just wants to show off doing push-ups.

Here is a guy driving the fast motorcycle while his partner seems to be falling off the back.

Here is a big GI Joe, or Tom Selleck GI Joe(according to my brother in law)

This poor guy has lost his boots. Nothing like trying to keep up when you have no shoes. At least he's wearing pants. I think yesterday his pants were off.

This guy is getting ready to shoot all the bad guys trying to get his friends.

Here are his friends climbing the tower. Trying to get away from the bad guys. Strong aren't they?

"Hurry guys, climb to the top, I see tortillas and tacos up there."

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