Thursday, January 22, 2009

No more cavities

I do not like to go to the dentist. I've got nothing against dentists, I just hate having to keep my mouth open, wide at that, for such a long period of time.

Not to mention, it hurts.

We hadn't gone to the dentist in over a year. I know, I know.

But when we did go, it was to a dentist that didn't take any x-rays. Only cleaned our teeth and I'm not really sure he did such a great job.

So when in December, UB started complaining that his mouth hurt where a particular tooth was, I noticed he had a cavity.

Our insurance, to say the least, is stupid. The dentist that had semi-cleaned our teeth retired and that meant that the closest dentist to us was over an hours drive away.

We tried going to a closer one that was actually cheaper than all the other dentists around, but the insurance wouldn't go for that.

So off Hubster went to take UB to the dentist to see how they could help him.

He had 4 cavities that required extensive work. We took UB twice in December to get them fixed and then set up an appointment in January for the rest of us to get our teeth checked and cleaned.

All of us, with the exception of Hubster, have finished all our dental work. And let me tell you, I am quite happy that driving over an hour is done for now.

I don't mind driving, I do mind having to pay the toll. It starts adding up after a while.

Anyway, yesterday, both boys had fillings put in. It was funny to watch them with their numb lips and cheeks after the procedure.

AB did not like the feeling and kept putting his lips like Donald Duck. UB just stood there and was drooling because he couldn't feel his bottom lip.

I didn't want to laugh, but of course I had to.

So today, when it was my turn to get numbed up, they thought it was funny. But they took it a step further. They kept pinching my lip and cheek to see if I felt it.

Crazy boys, I'm numb, not dead.

So I consider dentistry in my top three list of jobs I'm glad I don't have.

The other two are.....gynecology and podiatry.

Anybody else with me?


Anonymous said...

you left out proctology

Kari said...

Too funny!