Monday, January 12, 2009

I've started exercising. Good or Bad?

So one of my goals for this year (as is every year) is to get back in shape. But this year it's got to happen. This year I turn the big _0. And it's got me thinking that I'm probably in the worst shape ever.

So with that being said, I've started exercising some. I think I was psyching myself out to believe that my body was still that 20 something body that had a high metabolism. The body where no matter what I ate or when I ate it, it would not hang around for longer than 20 minutes.

Besides, I'd eventually like to start wearing all those nice clothes hanging in my closet. And I'm kind've tired of UB playing with my rolls.

A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was pretty, I started walking outside. We have a nice long driveway with lots of hills. Going down the driveway was not a problem, coming up was. Those little hills sneak up on you and make you hurt all over.

Then I'd go out there and walk some then run. I would run for a full minute and get winded. I don't even think I made it a full minute. But I still made it a point to try.

By the third day, I ran the full minute, then walked two. I did that for 20 minutes. It wasn't that bad, but I'm a wimp and those little hills on the driveway were taunting me. I was in pain. My saddlebags were hurting. If that's even possible.

By the time I was getting used to it, the weather turned cold. I'm a wimp remember. I stayed indoors.

Last week, I added another minute to the running. So I was up to run 2 minutes then walk 2.

Let me tell, you. I am not a long distance runner. I am a sprinter. Even when I wasn't exercising I made it a point to sprint to the bathroom. That's probably the only exercise I ever got.

Running long and slow is not something I'm used to. I've always been a sprinter, even back in my school days.

While I was running/walking last week, the boys were encouraging me. AB was working out with me while UB would stand on the side and every time I would pass him, he'd throw a rock or a stick at me. I'm thinking it was to motivate me to run faster.

That little turkey would just laugh at how fast it made me run. My kids sure do love me.

My favorite songs on my ipod that I listen to while exercising are Skinny Songs. They are so much fun to listen to.

Our church has a Life Center. A gym that has a basketball court, a walking track and a little weight room. I got up early this morning and went to go exercise. I was quite proud of myself. I even made it running 4 minutes at fast pace without thinking I was going to pass out and die.

Hey, 4 minutes is better than no minutes. And for this bubble butt girl with thunder thighs, it's an accomplishment.

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Kari said...

Your children taunting you had me rolling around on my side saddles. That is just too funny! I'm watching what I eat but not dieting or exercising until after Gail's, she is going to MAKE me eat more than what I should and stuff I shouldn't eat!