Thursday, January 29, 2009

We had fun in the ice..... but I'm tired of mopping

We had an ice storm here that started on Monday. By Tuesday, it was sleeting and there was lots of freezing rain.

Everyone knows I don't drive on ice, so we were stuck at home since Monday.

The other thing that happens when the weather is bad is that our Internet doesn't work so well. The joys of satellite Internet.

Even though the schools were all out for snow days, we still had school.

But after school, even though it was 23 degrees and freezing rain was falling, the boys wanted to go out and play in it.

They got bundled up and out they went. They got cold and came back in.

They bundled up again and went back out. They got cold again and came back in.

After mopping a couple of times, I finally told them it was too cold for them to be out there.

Someone asked me where my sense of adventure was when I told them that they boys wanted to continue playing in this weather. My response was that it went away after the upteenth time I bundled and unbundled and mopped.

It did look pretty out there. All white and cold.

Then yesterday, it wasn't warmer by any means, 12 degrees is what my thermostat said, but the sun was shining brightly. The boys wanted to go out again. No school for the town, but definately school for us. So before school this time, we went outside with our generic sleds (cardboard boxes and plastic tote lids) and went sledding down the hill in front of our house.
It was fun running and sledding and trying to see who won. And it even did me good to get out of the house.
UB preferred the plastic lid because it wasn't as fast as the cardboard.

AB preferred the cardboard box. It was his mode of transportation down the hill.

The neighbor boys came over and all 4 of the boys had fun just playing out in the ice that was melting. They actually went out to the dry pond. The hills are more fun there.
And after a hard day outside in the freezing temps they came inside to eat what?
A Popsicle. Strange kids.

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