Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The beauty shop adventure

I went to get my hair done today. Of course, I had to take the boys with me. So before we left the house, I gave them 'The Talk'. You know, the no hitting, no fighting, no pushing, no embarrassing me or else talk. I should have just opened my mouth and left it open for the flies to go in, because it seems that all the boys heard was the air that I was inhaling.

We get to the hair place and things go good. They each sit in a chair, they each play with their own toys, they talk to each other. I am so proud of my boys. (Remind me of this later.)

Adventure Boy gets his hair trimmed while I'm under the blow dryer. Things still seem to be going well. UB is playing with a little girl that is there and AB is sitting on my lap when they are done with him.

When I get my hair washed is when all heck breaks loose. We hear a loud crash. The mother in me knew it was the boys. Not the mother instinct of the boys got hurt, but the mother instinct that they did something wrong.

I try to get up, only to be pushed down by my hair fixer upper lady. I forgot that I had dripping wet hair. She says she'll go look. She comes back saying that the toilet lid has come off it's hinges. By came off, I mean came off. Like screws and everything on the floor.

UB comes and stands next to me with a concerned look on his face. I ask him what happened and he said that AB was trying to look at himself in the mirror by standing on the toilet lid. The lid moved and he slipped. He caught himself by landing his foot in the water. UB thought it was quite humorous that AB's foot was wet from the toilet water.

I give them both a lecture about how they are not going to play video games when we get home if they don't go sit down and behave while we finish up. (This is where I'm to be reminded that I'm proud of my boys)

5 minutes later I hear UB crying in a loud voice. I can't really hear what they are saying because the blow dryer is on my ear. I know they are fighting and both want to sit on the same chair. I'm quite embarrassed by now because people are starting to stare. I'm sure they are saying things that I would say. Things like: "Those boys need discipline", "If those were MY boys I'd do this and that", "I wonder why their mom doesn't tell them anything".

When I'm done, I give them the look, tell them to pick up and out the door they go.

It suddenly gets quiet in the shop. That is, until I open the door and hear my car alarm beeping loudly.

I was tempted to keep walking until I got home. But when I remembered that I lived over 3 miles away, I got in the car and told the kids to not say a word. I guess they figured out that I was not happy, because my car hasn't been that quiet (with kids in it) in a long time.

I'm so glad that they are going to bed early tonight.


leb said...

I'm sorry it was no fun at the beauty shop. It is supposed to be relaxing. But, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Laura, can I please, please submit this to "In the Motherhood" on MSN? This would be hilarious!! seriously!! I am going to do it!!