Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scratch n' sniff

Hi! We are 'The boys'. We want to tell you of one way we make mom and dad crazy.

You see these little bottles of cologne? We use these for science experiments, but we also use it to make us smell good. Sometimes we even put it on before we go to bed, especially if the Tooth Fairy is coming for a visit.

We add some drops of cologne in this spray bottle. Then we spray all over the floor. It makes the floor slippery and wet. When we are done spraying the walls, floor and everything else, we spray our hair. It makes our hair smell really good.

Sometimes we forget to tell mom we have smelly water in the spray bottle and she will use it to spray her clothes when she irons. That's when we get in trouble.

But we're not finished there. We then spray some cologne on our brushes to brush the water out that we just sprayed on our hair.

Now we not only LOOK good, but we SMELL good too.
Wanna smell?

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