Thursday, February 28, 2008

What do you do with your husband when he's sick?

Hubster has been sick. I'm not really sure what he's got, but we know he's sick.

I don't know what ya'll do when your husbands get sick, but my husband sleeps in the guest room when he's sick.

I know, I'm probably a bad wife and all, but my thinking is that I don't want to get sick.

Because we all know that when the mother ship gets sick, chaos happens. That and I know I won't rest because everyone wants to know when and what they are going to eat and where stuff is.

I don't normally get sick. I get the occasional no good feeling. The queasy upset stomach feeling, but nothing ever happens. I'm also a light sleeper. I wake up with every noise, then have a hard time falling back to sleep, then wake up cranky. And we all know that when mama is not happy, no one is happy.

So this mother ship is trying to stay away from the germ droids.

I was talking to a friend and she pretty much said I was weird for sending my husband to the guest room. I resemble that remark!!
I think he actually enjoys being in a room all alone without his wife wanting to 'talk' about what happened during the day.

In the meantime, I'll just watch TV in bed, all alone, eating oreos.

"What? I've got crumbs everywhere? Oh well, I'll just save them for a midnight snack!"

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Anonymous said...

That picture is so sick!! I hope Loren feels better, don't feel bad about sending him to the guest, I sleep on the futon when Daniel is sick because I don't want to get sick and he groans about his sickness all night and then I get cranky like you. You do what you have to stay well and be a happy mama!!