Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The joys of living in the country

The boys had spilled something sticky in their cupholders in the car, so I decided to clean it out. I started pulling Lego's out of places I didn't even know existed, but then I started to see little black things.

Now, before I go on, let me just say that I realize that my car does not deserve the 'cleanest car award', but it also doesn't deserve the 'dirtiest car award' either. I've seen dirtier and messier cars than mine.

While I didn't see any food around, I did see lots of toys and crafts the boys make in church. However, I did see lots more black grains of rice looking things. Upon further investigation, I realized it was mouse poop.

I was astonished. How does a mouse climb into a car?

I started a mad cleaning frenzy. I started to pull everything out of the car. Whatever was in there came out. I even tried pulling the seats out. If Jerry was in my car, and Tom did not exist in my house, I was going to find the little sucker. I like Tom & Jerry, but only in cartoons.

I vacuumed every inch of that car. To say it was gross is an understatement. I'm even embarrassed to write about it, but I want ya'll to know my mishaps.

I opened the glove box to get the little duster to clean out the air vents. Lo and behold, what do you think I found? A stash of food. Not just any food either. This stash consisted of popcorn chicken that was as hard as a rock and half eaten chocolate balls. Jerry was stocking up for the spring.

I called Hubster for support. He wasn't supportive. I hung up.

I was on a mission to find that dirty stinkin' rat.

After cleaning out every corner of the car, wiping down all parts of the car and vacuuming everything from the floor to the ceiling, I still didn't find Jerry.

Hey, at least my car is looking good!


Anonymous said...

oh my funny! how long had he been living in there?? lol..The boys prob found it and made it a your home!! :P

Kari said...

Jerry could have been one of those mice that AB wanted to keep! Unfortunaly (missing the rat) my car is about the same. Now yours is cleaner. Wanna come do mine?