Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My baby turns 5 today

Watch out people! There's a new Sheriff in town and he's 5 today!

We went to go buy UB's present yesterday, because I like to wait until the last minute. No, because Hubster has been working a lot lately and I just hadn't been able to go. Plus, I do like to wait until the last minute. That way if the boys change their minds on what they want for their birthday, I don't have to worry about it.

My friend went with us and she helped distract UB while AB and I purchased the gift, then went to put it in the car. I know that AB was excited about UB's birthday, but good grief, I made a mistake in letting him help me.

He didn't tell his brother what we bought him, but he kept telling him that he knew what it was. When we get home, AB wanted to know when we could wrap the present. He asked and asked until I finally got it through to him that when UB was in the shower, then we could do it.

The minute UB was in the shower, AB started saying "It's time to wrap mom, It's time to wrap".
Nothing I could do but get up from trying to relax and go wrap the gift. Then came the problem of where to put the gift. AB found a good hiding place and then proceeded to tell UB that it was in a specific location.

This morning, they woke up at 7am. Yippee for me. Hear the excitement in my voice?
UB wanted to know when he could open his gift. AB was telling him where the gift was. I got up to find this.
Now, I can hardly be mad when two brothers who fight a lot, sit quietly together on the couch acting like they love each other.
When dad got dressed, UB opened his present and this is what he got.
As I type these words, Darth Vadar or Darth Maul or Darth somebody and the Imperial something or other are waiting for me to build their ship that consists of 400 and some pieces.
I'm sure ya'll know what I'll be doing in between school lessons today. Playing Lego!!!

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Anonymous said...

aww, happy birthday Noah!! Those are cut pictures too!!