Friday, February 1, 2008

That's MY spot you're sitting at

Hubster plays in a Christian Band. They were playing at a church on Sunday and as 'groupies', we followed him.

I'm kind've hesitant to enter a different church that is not my own, because you never know where to sit. Everyone (40 and older) that has been a member of a particular church for more than five years claims their pew, their chair, or just their spot.

Unfortunately, in our church, we have some pew claimers. They are mostly elders that don't like to move from their spot. They claim it and get upset with someone that moves them. I'm not sure why, because they can still worship from another spot. Maybe that particular spot has super worship power. Who knows.

Several years ago, we had some visitors come. They sat in a pew and some of the members actually told them that they were sitting in their spot. I'm really not sure why those people never came back to visit us. :)

Then we had an incident in which a particular person would actually leave notes on their spot. Tacky I know, but they felt they couldn't move to another location.

Of course our church is not the only one that does this. I talked to a friend this week and she told me that it's done at her church as well. Those old people sure do throw a fit when they don't sit at the same place every week.

So back to this church we were at on Sunday. I plopped myself down and watched as people starting filling the sanctuary. Several people looked at me, but no one said anything. I'm not sure if I just happened to not sit in someone's spot, or if I was too far up front and no one actually sat there. Most people are back row Baptists.

When I said that no one said anything. I meant it. Not even during welcoming did they say anything. Although, a young boy sitting behind us did say hi and shook our hands. For some reason, I attract the kids not adults.

I actually didn't care whether people greeted me or not, as I was not visiting to join the church. But I wondered why we are all like that. We get scared to approach a stranger, even in church. We get in our moods and say "oh, let someone else greet them, I'm not in any mood". Or really, I don't know why that happens.

But when we see someone 'new' at church, sometimes we put up a guard. But we have to put aside our attitudes and do what Jesus would do. He would welcome anyone. He would approach everyone and make them feel welcome.

So I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone the next time you attend church and greet someone new.

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Kari said...

I could preach on this issue way too lengthy for anyone to care but amen to getting out of your comfort zone.