Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being tricked by my two boys

Let me just start off by saying that we have found a wallet. Woo Hoo!!! We can all go back to our daily lives.

We were grocery shopping yesterday. Only because I was out of what seemed like everything in my house. The only option for dinner was shrimp and a can of ranch style beans. Doesn't even sound remotely good.

I had avoided the 'snack' aisle because I told the boys that all they eat is snacks. Goldfish, whales, cheez-its, nilla wafers. You get the picture. I told them they were going to eat healthy food instead. They don't eat vegetables (that they know of) and they hadn't been eating fruit. So we stocked up on fruit. We found these neat little packages from Dole I believe, that is fruit to go. It is sliced apples and grapes in individual packages. Now, I normally slice my own apples and get my own grapes, but since it was snack time during our grocery trip, I bought them. And I was nice enough to let them eat them (outside of my car in the cold) while I loaded the groceries in the car.
Just the right amount of sweet fruit and it satisfied them for the moment.

I can honestly tell you that the boys were not happy with my decision to not buy their favorite snacks. Maybe later I will buy some, but AB had gotten to where he only wanted to eat cheez-its. For breakfast. For lunch. For dinner.

When we went down the cereal aisle, they were looking at me wondering if they were going to get their kind of cereal. I don't really have to worry much there because yes, WE like Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes, but the boys do eat Honey Nut Cheerios or AB's and Hubster's favorite, Kashi blueberry cereal.

UB wanted Lucky Charms. I grabbed the big box so that it could last a little longer. UB took it out of the basket and said we needed to get the smaller box because it contained a toy. The big box didn't have anything but cereal. I grabbed the box again and put it back in the basket. That's the last of that conversation because I am the mom you know.

When we arrive home and I start unloading the groceries. The boys are actually helping putting things away. Probably because they wanted some apples and I told them they couldn't have some until all the groceries were put away.

I look in the pantry for the food that belongs in there. Making sure that no cold stuff is put on the shelf somewhere. I look over to where the cereal is and I find a SMALL box of Lucky Charms. I remember being distracted by AB when the cereal talk about the boxes was happening with UB. Those two ganged up on me. So much for being the mom.

Hubster chuckled when I told him the story and he said "Don't you remember when you were little? You pick the cereal box according to the toy."

I guess I forgot. But in grown up life, we still do that. We pick out things according to what is offered. And we usually pick the one with the prize. Just like when God is offering us a certain thing that has no reward for us. We say no because we want to get the thing that is not being offered to us that has a reward that will benefit us.

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Anonymous said...

Did you make them eat the fruit outside of the car so they wouldn't get it dirty? Just wondering? :)

So true though about choosing what we want to get what we want.