Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why do I even make plans!

Hubster went out of town yesterday and I had already planned on taking over the entire bed. I had big plans people. Plans to sleep right in the middle of the bed. Plans to rent a movie on Pay Per View and stay up late. Plans to read until the wee hours of the morning.

What I didn't realize was that the boys had plans of their own. Plans to bunk in my room while daddy is away. Plans to sleep on MY bed on daddy's side. So much for my plans.

Then things started to look up. We have some friends up from South Texas and one of the girls was going to spend the night here. Things were looking up for me because that meant that while she slept in the spare bedroom, the boys would move back into thier bedrooms.

So I went back to planning on once again sleeping in the middle of the bed, watching a movie, then reading.

Then it started to storm. I was NOT planning on that.

My kids are scared of the thunder and so is the little girl I inherited for the night. I let them stay up until 10pm because the cheif meteorologist said that this storm would go away by 10. WRONG.

As I was getting them ready to all sleep (in seperate sleeping bags) on the floor in Adventure Boy's room, a loud thunder roared and the lightning came flashing in the window. All six eyes looked at me with fear and I asked, "would you all rather go sleep in my room?" I didn't even finish my question before they were all out the door with pillows and blankets en route to my room.

We set a pallet on the floor for one, a sleeping bag for the other and another taking my middle spot on the bed. They quickly fell asleep and I came to watch TV in the living room.

So much for plans.


Kari said...

My plans went all out the window too with sick kids! I agree why even make plans!!!!! We didn't get any rain, just snauty noses and coughs to go around.

Elizabeth said...

What a good Mommy!! :)