Friday, February 22, 2008

What happens when your child turns 5?

Now that UB has turned five, he has a new perspective on life.

Just like we did when we turned five. We thought we were 'it'. We thought we knew it all. We wouldn't be considered a baby anymore, but yet, would still be young enough to get away with certain things.

When we sat down yesterday to do school, I got UB's book out and told him to open it to the page we were at.
He pushes it towards me and says "I'm not in pre-k anymore mom, I'm 5 now."
"Yes," I say as I push the book back towards him,"but you are still in pre-k."
"I'm supposed to be in Kindergarten now because I'm 5 mom." he says as he pushes the book back towards me.
"OK, if you want to be in Kindergarten, then you have to start reading today."
"It's OK mom, I can still be in Pre-K, because I only turned 5 the other day." pulls the book towards him and opens it to his page.

He hasn't only been using his 'age' for school.

He'll tell me a far fetched story and when I ask him how he knows he says, "because I'm 5"

I tell him to pick his toys up when he's done playing with them and he says, "I already know that because I'm 5"

I look for the change that I left in the bathroom and when I ask where it is he says," I put it in my room"
I ask why and he says "because I'm 5"

5 is going to be in alot of trouble this year.


leb said...

Yes it is going to be a lot of trouble this year. I Hate five year olds.

Elizabeth said...

I think "5" should be his new code name. I love this story!!

Kari said...

Maybe you need to tell him the list of all of what 5 year olds can do like chores (add more if he already has some) and 5 year olds do read! I love his answer. Can we say to questions that are asked, "Because we are about to be 39!." Just a thought, LOL!