Monday, February 11, 2008

Is it time to ride my dirt bike? Is it time to ride my dirt bike?

When you homeschool, you spend hours and hours and hours and, well you get the picture, with your kids. They are with you ALL the time. You have to find time to yourself. Whatever time that is, you take it.

I lock myself in the bathroom for my quiet moments, but usually that ends up with the boys hanging outside the door waiting for me to come out. And as soon as I am out, they start talking non-stop again. Not that they stopped when I was locked in the bathroom, I just turn on the exhaust fan and pretend I'm alone on a remote island.

Reality hits as soon as I open the door. I learn to sometimes tune them out. Especially when they are fighting or are asking the million time question. I sometimes forget what they asked because most of the times it's something petty like, "mom, is it time to clean the toilets?". My boys are strange that way. They enjoy cleaning the toilets. I've come to realize that it's because it involves water, but hey, whatever works.

They fight over who will clean the guest bathroom. I usually have to break up a fight over that one. I know that I should appreciate them wanting to, no, begging to clean the toilets, but you just don't understand. When they clean the toilets, because it involves water and all kids enjoy water, there is usually a bigger mess to clean up. For me.

So that is why I tune them out when they ask if they can clean the toilets. Adventure Boy is the worst about asking. He will ask every 15 seconds. That goes for everything. I usually just turn on my invisible mute button on him and continue on what I'm doing.

Hubster doesn't know how to do that. So on Saturday when he told Adventure Boy that he could ride his dirt bike after lunch, AB took it seriously the minute lunch was over.

"Dad, you said after lunch I could ride my bike, can we do it now?" was the question asked 50 times before Hubster said, "I realize it's after lunch, but it is going to be after lunch until lunch time tomorrow, so go play right now".

Hubster is building a drag racer. He is having a blast taking everything out of a car and making it into a really fast car. More to post on another day.

He doesn't know how to 'tune out' Adventure Boy's repetitive questions yet. He's not as good as me. Hee Hee.
After the millionth time (that's probably how you'd feel if you've got a 6 yr old asking the same question all afternoon) of asking Hubster the question right into his ear as he was working on the car, Hubster got distracted. He accidentally poked a hole in his gas tank from being startled when AB spoke.
Now, in Hubster's defense, he works long hours and travels a lot, so when he has some time to work on his hobby, he tries to do it. He also spends time with the boys and they had already ridden their dirt bikes BEFORE lunch for quite a while.
Needless to say, Hubster was not happy.
But the day was not lost. After lunch had finally arrived before dinner , AB and UB were able to ride their dirt bikes before it got too dark.
Meanwhile, Hubster has started to look in his catalogs for a new fuel cell.

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