Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All I want is a sno cone

We live out in the country. It takes us less than 5 minutes to get to one small town and then a little over 10 minutes to get to another town. But town B is really not that big. It is still considered a small town. There are not very many places to eat, but they do have a Wal-Mart.

Town B also has one main road in town to get you to all the places in town. I usually try to avoid rush hour because it's always rush hour down that main road. You tend to age while trying to maneuver out of the Braum's parking lot just to make it home before your ice cream melts on your back seat.

My complaint is this. I HATE TEENAGE DRIVERS!!!!!

Now, I know that hate is a strong word, and that I shouldn't use it, but I'm going to. Because I really, really, really, dislike teenage drivers. Not all teenage drivers, only the ones that drive around in expensive vehicles and think they own the road. The ones that will not hesitate to show you that you are number one in their book. The ones that have a car full of peers that they want to show off in front of. The ones that cut you off at the sno cone place because how can anyone over 20 need a sno cone?

But don't mess with a momma who is in neeeeeed of a sno cone!

They have a place in town that has some yummy sno cones. Charlie Brown is my favorite. Yumm! Anyway, I went yesterday because this place also has some sugar free sno cones for Hubster. The line to the drive thru was very long, but I already had the Charlie Brown flavor in my mouth. So I was not leaving that long line without a sno cone.

There were teens everywhere. It could be that the High School is up the road from this sno cone place. But there were teens in cars in the drive thru lane and teens standing in front of the window at the walk thru lane.

There was a particular car full of teens that was getting out at the time I was still in the street trying to make my way behind a line of cars that would eventually lead me to the drive up the sno cone place. As I inched forward slowly in my car to get behind the car in front of me, this car with teens was coming out. I guess they thought I was going to block the road that would lead them back to the school because they all looked at me, raised their hands at me, said some stuff to me, and then revved their engine up and got in front of me.

Now, I'm not really sure what they said as I had my windows rolled up, but I think they said that I was the bomb. Yeah right!

I let this incident pass. But after getting my sno cones and driving on the main road(only road) that would take me to Hubster's office, who do you think I see? Yes! That same car with the teens in it. They end up in front of me and stop in the road to have a conversation with another vehicle that is coming the opposite direction. The driver then revs his engine up because he realizes that the light is about to turn red. I of course end up at the red light.

When I continue on after my light turns green, there is another group of teens in a truck. These guys are showing off to some girls next to them. They go fast, then they slow down. They continue this for quite a while. At least until the light, again, is about to turn red. Who do you think gets stuck at the red light again? That's right, me!

I continue on, again, only to be cut off by another teen driver who decided he didn't like the outer right hand lane anymore because that meant he couldn't turn left to his destination. So he gets right in front of me, and crosses over two lanes to cut off more people, so that he could go hang out with his friends some where. I'm guessing there.

What should have only taken 5 minutes to get to Hubster's office, took a lot longer. But while I'm hating teenage driver's, I'll just enjoy my sno cone as poor Hubster's sno cone melts in the cup holder.

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BARBB said...

ahh to be young and carefree..remember those days? when 30 was old??:( wow..didnt seem that long ago!