Monday, April 28, 2008

I just need a cup.......

Baseball Season has officially started. The boys had their first tournament this past weekend.

But before the tournament started on Friday, I had to finish getting AB's 'uniform'.

AB plays catcher and the rule (on paper) is that he has to wear full protection: catcher's helmet, chest protector, leg protectors, cup. Yup, a cup. So off I went in search of a cup for AB. Even though we do hand me downs here at this house, I'm not really sure that a cup is one of those things. I knew that AB had to go with me because trying on a cup, with it still in the package, is something that I was planning on doing at the store. You know, the measuring to see if was going to fit.

We went to Wal-Mart, because Wal-Mart is supposed to have everything. But contrary to popular belief, Wal-Mart does not carry everything. They didn't have any cups, at least not the kind that we needed.

When I first told AB that he was needing a cup, he was confused. "Is it going to be paper or plastic mom? Why do I need one of those cups down there any way?" Because one day I want to have grandchildren, that's why.

Off we go to another store. One that specializes in sports. Still no cup. I guess the entire town of mamma's wanted to protect their little one's prized jewels. Come on, it's just hard to think of your 7 yr old wearing a cup. Cups that grown men use when they play sports.

We proceed to another town that has a store that also specializes in sports.

Me: "Do you have any cups his size?" pointing to AB
Man: "Yes, right here" taking me to the display of cups
Man: "Does he have a slider?"
Me: obviously very confused. Looking at the cup in the package that he has handed me. Then looking at him with a blank stare "Um, a slider?"
Man: "It's these underwear that hold the cup in place"
Me: "Didn't know there was such a thing, but no, he doesn't have a slider."

I purchased the items, hand AB his bag and drive home in order to get ready for the big game that night. I didn't realize that buying a cup would be so difficult.

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