Monday, April 7, 2008

Look ma, I'm a land owner!

Last week, we attended a Land Run. It was put on at a museum. It was actually quite wonderful. Mainly because someone else was doing the teaching for the day.

The land run was for area homeschooler's. They divided the kids into two classes. Either art or music. This was the group they were to be in for the remainder of the session which lasted about 4 hours and included lunch. We moms were very proud of our children because the museum people kept telling us how well behaved they all were and that these were the best groups they had ever had. We moms all paid the ladies after that comment.

After their art or music project was done, they were going outside to do the actual land run. The kids had all been told stories about certain women and how they reacted to the land run. They were also told when this happened and other stuff that happened during the land run.
The museum people had marked some land outside with the paint sticks you get when you buy paint. Each stick had a tract of land written on it and when the kids got their 'stick' from their land, they were to take it to the ladies so that they could actually get a piece of paper telling them what plot of land they had.

It was fun and the kids loved it. Well, because of that land run, UB thinks that he is an official land owner.

Now, in school, when I tell him to do his school, he shows me his stick that shows his plot of land on it and says "I don't have to because I'm a land owner".

Anyone need a five year old that is a land owner?

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Kari said...

Tell him to go out and work his land, like tilling, planting, watering, all the hard stuff and then see if he wants to do school or not!