Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey, you have something in your teeth!

If you were with someone that had something on their face, or their teeth, would you let them know?

The other day, I was talking to a friend. She had a boogar on the side of her nose. I told her about it. She wasn't embarrassed, she was grateful that I told her. Seriously, I don't think I could have finished a conversation with her. That boogar would be talking to me. 'ha, ha, you see me don't you' 'look at me just hanging around'. And you know that when there is a distraction on the other person's face, your eyes keep darting back to it. You know you do it.

How do you tell a man that his zipper is down? Do you get embarrassed about it? Do you have someone else tell him? I think it depends on the man. If you are close friends, then he wouldn't be embarrassed.

I remember in High School, we were at Burger King using the bathroom. One of our friends came out with her skirt up in the back and dragging toilet paper. We laughed at her. Probably because we were all best friends and we loved to laugh about life because quite frankly, we didn't have a care in the world. We did tell her about it and even now when we talk about it, we still laugh.

I know there have been times that I have had pepper of something green in my teeth and no one told me about it. Quite embarrassing on my part. I do hope that if I have something in my teeth or leftover food on my face, or a boogar on my face or hanging down my nose, that someone would tell me.

When you get home and see this object that was obviously fascinated to the other person, but not enough to tell you about it, you start to talk to yourself. 'I wonder how long it's been there?' 'How many more people saw it?' Then you become paranoid the next time you are out in public. Wiping your nose, swiping your tongue across your teeth just to make sure nothing is there, hiding behind a napkin. Just kidding, but you do wonder if next time you are out in public someone will recognize you as 'the one with spinach in her teeth'.

And sometimes you have the silent signals. You know, the darting of the eyes to the object, the wiping of your face or your nose, just to see if the person you are talking to gets the hint. But then it becomes a game. They wipe their nose, you think you have something so you wipe your nose, then they do it, then you do it and before you know it, you're not even thinking about the conversation, you are wanting to go to a bathroom to go look in the mirror.

It surprises me that people get embarrassed telling you that you have some of that stuff on your face, but walk out in the world with a big zit on your face and everyone is sure to tell you about that. Yes, go ahead and tell me about something that I can't wipe of, why don't you?

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