Thursday, April 10, 2008

The rocks in the backpack

Hubster was out of town recently and when he's out of town, I don't concentrate much on the house keeping as I should. That's when I do the other stuff that doesn't get done when he's here. Like read and paint my toe nails. Just kidding.

During this topsy turvy weather here in Oklahoma, we had a good day or two that week. The boys went outside and collected rocks in a backpack. No reason, they were just bored and decided that collecting rocks embedded with dirt was a great way to pass the boredom. That was fine with me because that kept them from arguing (at least for the 5 minutes they collected the rocks).

On the day that Hubster was to come back home, we had a house cleaning party. Mostly just to pick up all the toy soldiers and other men, along with the lego's that were laying on my floor. These men were watching over the house or something to that extent because they were all laid out on the floor in a certain pattern starting from the back door and all around the kitchen and the living room floor. I'm glad Hubster wasn't here because I'm sure he would have ended up with a blood blister on his foot just like the time he stepped on the lego.

So when AB picked up the backpack full of rocks that had made it into the house, he was complaining about how heavy it was and how he couldn't lift it today.

Then I had an a-ha moment. Every now and then I have those, but usually I have momnesia moments. (Thanks Lou, for telling me about that word)

I told AB to pick it up and put it on his back. I told him to walk around with it and see how heavy it was. He, of course, looked at me as if I had lost my mind, but then he put it on. UB was watching from the sidelines actually telling me that it was too heavy for his brother. It was going great. Right along with my a-ha moment.

I asked AB if the load he was carrying was heavy. He was trying to carry it, but his legs kept buckling down. UB kept saying that it was too heavy for his brother and he needed to take it off because he was going to get hurt.

I finally told them that this was similar to the way Jesus felt when he was carrying the cross.
Of course the cross was much heavier and Jesus was in much pain, but the boys knew what I meant. I also said that just as UB was concerned for his brother, amongst the people that wanted to see Jesus crucified, there were some that were concerned for him.

They each looked at me with their big eyes and then UB said "but mom, Jesus died on the cross for our sins". And AB said, "that's why we have to have Jesus in our hearts".

I think the lesson went well.

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Hubster said...

Good stuff Mom.