Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hi, It's me. Or maybe it isn't.

I received a phone call from some, some, some MAN (emphasis on the man). Even though I have our phone number on the do not call list, we occasionally get phone calls from someone that didn't get the memo that we are not interested in whatever they are selling.

Thanks to caller ID, I usually don't answer the phone unless the I recognize the number. Or when I haven't had any adult conversations, then I pick up the phone in desperation and talk to whoever is on the other end until they get tired of me talking and they hang up on me.

But yesterday, I was distracted and didn't look at the caller ID, so here is how my conversation went.

Me: Hello
Man: Hi, Mrs. Harriet?
Me: I'm sorry, you've got the wrong number.
Man: (getting irate) No, I know you are Mrs. Harriet.
Me: No, I am not Mrs. Harriet. You have the wrong number.
Man: I know you are Daisy Harriet, so quit saying you are not.
Me: Look man, you don't know who I am because you can't see me. (stick tongue out at phone)I am not Daisy Harriet, you have the wrong number. I've told you people lots of times before that this is not the correct phone number for Daisy Harriet.
Man: I know you think you're not Daisy Harriet, but you are.

I knew I had a problem all this time. I've been pretending to be me when in fact I'm somebody else.

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Anonymous said...

That's how they get around the "do not call" thing, they give you another name.