Friday, April 25, 2008

I just thought dressing boys would be easier than dressing girls

When the boys were babies, I was pretty excited. The stores didn't have 'cute' clothes for boys like they did for girls. Sometimes you could find a 'cute' outfit that wasn't girly looking. I am not one to dress up either, so this job of being a mom to boys was going to be easy ( so I thought). Jeans and T-shirts here we come, is what I would say most of the time. Seemed easy enough. I didn't have to worry about matching shirt and bottoms. I didn't have to worry about how the materials were the wrong style or how the top didn't quite fit good enough, or how the bottoms were not tight enough. That was, until I met the mini-adults in my boys.

Now, I don't usually buy them clothes (unless I know that I won't go wrong) unless they are with me. They are worse than girls (in my opinion). So much for not having high maintenance clothes wearers.
Let's start with UB. UB likes to run around in his underwear in the summer and in his pajamas during the winter. He's not particularly picky about his pajamas. Yes, they have to match every once in a while, but he's ok with boxers and a T-shirt. But when he gets dressed for the day, boy howdy, you'd better watch out. He is a jeans and T-shirt kinda guy. No colored pants for him. I can't even get him to wear dressy pants. Although for Easter, he was going to wear some nice dressy pants, but they ended up being too big.
And I know that I could 'make him' wear dressy pants to church, but you know what? In the light of infinity, is it really going to matter what he's dressed in? Seriously, what are his Sunday School teacher's going to say "I remember the day that UB said that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, he was wearing blue slacks with pleats in the front that were cuffed on the bottom and a light colored shirt with stripes and a color." Yeah, right. They are only going to remember what he said, not what he wore.
Anyway, UB likes to wear his jeans fitted. Remember the 80's? That's UB. Very Van Halen. If the jeans aren't tight, he's not wearing them. It's ok if they have holes in them, as long as they fit him snug. The shirt can't hang over the top front of his jeans. He's painstakingly put on these tight jeans, he can't have loose shirts hanging over his work in progress.

So he goes through his routine of going through every shirt in his closet until he finds the 'right' one to go with the jeans that he's picked out. And then he ends up with an outfit like this.
Not bad huh? The jeans aren't as tight as he'd like them, but he didn't have any other clean jeans, so that look will have to do. A James Dean kinda look.

AB is just as difficult. Although, AB is OCD. Or as I say OCB because it's a behavior problem. AB doesn't necessarily have to have tight jeans, finding some that fit him would be even better.
He has a closet full of clothes, but he wears the same shirts over and over. When I don't wash his favorite shirt, his under armour, he just takes it out of the dirty clothes and wears it again. Until he realizes that it stinks and then he puts it back in the hamper.
AB likes to lay his clothes out for the next day. He gets his pants laid out nice and neat, the belt that he's going to wear looped through the belt loops on the pants. He gets his shirt spread out nice and neat then finds the socks that he's going to wear. He normally gets his shoes as well, that way he won't have to go hunt anything down.
He wears jeans and T-shirts as well, although, he likes to wear shirts with collars sometimes. Now that it's been warm, he has to have camo shirts with a matching shirt, tucked in, with a belt around the shorts and short socks with his tennis shoes. He won't wear flip flops or sandals.
And I just thought that being the mother of two boys would be easier than being the mother of any number of girls.

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Elizabeth said...

UB looks hardcore with that tattoo and his converse...