Monday, April 21, 2008

The little red barn with no toilet paper

So we went on another Sisterchicks excursion. Three of us were going in one car and were going to meet our other friend in Fredericksburg, TX. We had no idea what was in Fredericksburg when we were making plans to have an excursion. We just all knew that we wanted to go somewhere.

Off we went into the wild blue yonder. No husbands and no kids. Just four women with no one but themselves to watch out for and nothing to do but laugh until they peed in their pants.

On our way down there, we stopped at Wiseman Chocolates. I am not a chocolate eater. I know, un-American, but I do eat it once a month. However, I enjoy some White Chocolate. They had a variety of truffles, handmade, and some fresh fudge. I got some White Chocolate Praline fudge. Yummy!!! But one of the girls got some truffles named Wild Woman. On the way back home, we stopped there again and the girls bought Love Potion truffles. I guess they missed their men.

This place even had some Sugar Free chocolate for Hubster.

When we were getting closer, we called our friend to see where our cabin was. She gave us directions and said to look for a red barn. We then knew we were in trouble if we were staying in a barn out in the country.

The barn house was converted from a barn that housed horses. The bathroom was literally a stall. As were the rooms. It was pretty cool.

When we opened the door, we were greeted by a Nyala. A South African native right in our living boots. I'm thinking that the boots are just in case the Nyala wants to make a quick get away. No matter where we were, it's eyes seemed like they followed us around. I'm glad I didn't sleep in that room with that thing looming over.

We even had time to go get a pedicure.

We saw lots of wild flowers and then were fascinated by this peculiar thing. We thought it was a hummigbird and took lots of pictures to look at them later to figure out what it was. We later found out it was a Hummingbird moth.

Whatever it is, it sure is different and pretty.

When you put four women in a house, there are certain things that are needed to make the stay quite comfortable. For example, food would be good. We ate lots. Lots of desserts as well. So we would bring our left over desserts to the barn house.

You also need lots of toilet paper. That was a problem at this barn house. There were only two rolls of TP with four women. You do the math. We called the owner of the barn house on day two to tell her of our opportunity. She informed us that she was not home and would bring us some that evening. We were out by the time we left for dinner and still no TP around.

After dinner, we all made sure that we used the rest room because we really weren't sure that there was TP at the barn house. I went to the bathroom and put some TP in my bra. Another girl went in and did the same. Without knowing that I had done it as well. She comes back to the table and proceeds to pull out her wad of TP from her bra. I do it at the same time she does. She however gets caught by a couple walking past us.

We go back to the barn house and we find only one roll of TP in the bathroom. No extra roll for us. I think there maybe was an extra roll but the Nyala must have used it.

When we leave, we replace the almost gone roll of TP with an empty roll and place the almost gone roll in one of the girls suitcase without her knowing it. Sure was funny when she called from home to see who put the TP in her bag.

I think it was also mating season down in Texas. We saw birds doing it, butterflies, and even cows.

We did do lots of laughing and wetting our pants. We shopped a lot (some of us more than others), we were goofy, we walked a lot and we ate a lot. We were able to be candid with each other and not get our feelings hurt, we were able to eat warm food without having to fix our kids plates, we were able to do what we wanted when we wanted.

But most importantly, we learned that A happy heart makes the face cheerful (Proverbs 15:13)and A cheerful heart is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22)

Until the next time Sisterchicks!! Thanks for the memories!

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