Friday, April 11, 2008

chaotic book shelves

Lysa Terkeurst is having a Swap & Hop over at her place today. Go visit the other places that could use your suggestions, or if you need help on organizing something, add your link.

This is the big bookcase in the school room that is used to hold all our stuff. I've tried grouping reading books together, coloring/art books together, school books together, but somehow they all want to mingle with each other. I need help! Those totes hold all the play doh stuff, extra school supplies and some manipulatives.

Anyone have any ideas? Please?


Cathy said...

Hi there. Saw the blog link from the Swap and Hop site. I teach and use ice cube trays from Wal-Mart (they're white) and then I write the type of books that are in them...certain authors, genres, chapter books, magazines, non-fiction, nursery rhymes, animals, etc.

And another idea...are these for school or home and still needed or could any of them be given to others or a local charity?

Org Junkie said...

Hi, I did a bookshelf for my brother and sister in law not too long ago. I blogged about it here:

Maybe it will be helpful to you as well.



April said...

I have the same problem. It is so difficult to control.