Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where are all the men's wallets?

The boys had a play date yesterday. It's amazing how much nothing one can do in three hours.
I dropped the boys off then went to run some errands. Errands in which I could quickly go in and out and not have to break up fights. So wonderful!

Hubster and I even got to spend some 'quality' time together. It started when he called me to take him a diet coke with lime. He's into this new kick of diet coke with lime. So as it's half price drinks at Sonic from 2-4, I pushed the button on the Sonic order board at exactly 4pm. Yahoo!

I specifically ordered a diet coke with lime for Hubster and a lemon-berry slush for me. While sitting with Hubster at his office (this started our quality time together) he said that while his drink did have the diet in the coke, it was lacking the lime. 'Them people' (that's what I call incompetent people) had forgotten the lime. Hey, at least 'them people' let me have the drinks at half price.

Hubster and I then went to grab something to eat. When we finished eating, Hubster said he wanted to go look for a wallet. His is old, torn and tattered. It doesn't have any money in it, but it's got all his electrical cards for several states. And for that reason he wants a cheapo, but nice wallet.

Our adventure started at a store that had lots of wallets, but they were not his style. They were the wallets that have skulls, and and and junk all over the front of the nylon, attatched to a dog chain that is at least 3" thick and 2 ft long. I'm glad Hubster said no to those.

We went to another store that did have wallets, but were much higher priced than what he was willing to pay. At the third store we went to, they too had wallets but since they were locked in a glass case, Hubster said that they were probably not in his price range. So on to the next store. No, no mens wallets there. None at the next one either.

So much just for a wallet. But it was fun. We even held hands while we were looking for said wallet. AAAWWWW.

We did find one, but upon closer inspection, we realized it wasn't one Hubster would use. It was a 70's looking wallet, with a man and woman (I think that's what it looked like) pin up style on some plastic background. Hubster said he could live with his tattered and torn wallet a little longer.

He ended up giving up. Not only were we out of store options, we were out of time.

In the meantime, I told him he could use AB's camo wallet or UB's spiderman one.


Elizabeth said...

The camo one sounds slightly better than what you had to choose from.:)

berrblonde said...

aww..holding sweet is that!..:P