Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sisterchicks get together

I'm back! Went down to Texas on Thursday and got back last night. What a trip!

Let me start the story with giving you a little background. There are four of us that attended the same church, became good friends, then started reading the sisterchicks books by Robin Jones Gunn, read more about it here;

The definition for Sisterchick is : A friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister, and provides a reality check when you're being a brat.

We decided we would be Sisterchicks. Now two have moved away and we still all communicate. Well, one of our Sisterchicks mom passed away and we went to show our support.

One of the Sisterchicks lives here in Oklahoma with me. Another lives down in South Texas. We talked about it and decided we would all go. I had to take the boys with me since Hubster had meetings and couldn't watch them. We all thought the other had told our one Sisterchick that we would be there. When we arrived at the funeral home, we realized no one had said anything. But it worked out perfectly. We surprised her and she seemed to enjoy it.

On the way up there, we (my sisterchick here in town) were driving down there and knew we had to go through Dallas. I don't enjoy driving through there. We start looking at our surroundings and see tall buildings and a ball (I'm sure it has a name, but that's what I'll call it) That ball is where all sorts of clubs are located. I don't mean clubs like; The Red Hat Society, or Girl Scouts, or a sorority club. I mean clubs like disco and other night clubs.

When we pass this ball, I look up and see a sign that approached us out of nowhere that says "Houston" so I happen to be in the most inconvenient lane possible- the furthest left land- and that sign was on the far right lane.

Now having lived in Texas myself, I knew it was called the "The Friendly State". I was hoping that someone would be nice enough to allow me to veer all the way across 4 lanes to my exit. There were a few cars that either hadn't known about what the state was called or just were trying to show me how unfriendly they were, but then there were some cars that were friendly enough to let me get in front of them. No accident, no problem.

The other thing about traveling through Texas is that nothing is close by. You can drive through three states in the same amount it takes you to go from Dallas to Houston. You can pass a town and then 100 miles later, will be another town.

On the way back, we decide to take a different route. We stop to see this 70 ft statue of Sam Houston. Might as well make it a field trip day for school. The joys of home schooling.

Our favorite place to stop and eat when we are in Texas is Whataburger. We had decided that we would pass Huntsville and wait for the next Whataburger. Big mistake. Just FYI there are NO whataburgers between Huntsville and Corsicana. You have to make it all the way to Ennis. We were starving and since McDonald's and my stomach don't have a good relationship, I opted to starve everyone in the car. When we do finally see our Whataburger sign, I try to make it there, but somehow end up turning into a one way street. As I try to back out onto oncoming traffic on a busy road, I am just amazed at how friendly people in Texas really are. They were honking at me and waving and trying to get a better view of me. I just smiled and nodded. Sisterchick just held on tightly to the oh poop bar in my car. But don't worry, we finally arrive at our eating place.

This Whataburger was different than any other I've ever been in. You order your food and they hand you a pager. That thing was loud. I'm sure the traffic on I45 could hear them. We definitely knew when some one's order was ready.

We get back on the road and go try our new way of getting home.

What I forgot about the roads in Dallas is that there are a lot of them. And the very important thing I forgot was that there is a 35W and a 35E. I saw the 35 and got on and started driving fast like everyone else. Because everyone knows that if the speed limit is 70, you'd better go with the flow or you will get left behind. Nothing like driving 80 with lots of 'friendly' Texans driving next to you.

Sisterchick and I realize something seems wrong. We both spot the same ball that we spotted on the way to Houston. How can that be, we are supposed to be on a different road. But we look out our windows and see a giraffe looming down and we realize we were on the wrong highway. We wanted W not E. Oh well, at least now I know where the Dallas Zoo is.

I finally spot a road I'm familiar with because I'm determined to not go through Dallas. After being delirious and trying to avoid crazy drivers, we reach the road that will take us back home. I decided that we needed some sugar intake, so we stop at a dairy queen to get a blizzard.

See, Texas does have lots to offer- Whataburger and Dairy Queen.

Never a dull moment when on a trip with a Sisterchick.


leb said...

Have you seen my curling iron.

Kari said...

You guys are too much! I'm glad you had lots of fun and lots of diversions! I'm not sure what I would do without you. Seriously, we need a real sisterchick adventure! Love ya,

Anonymous said...

that is great!! im glad you guys had fun driving in texas. lol. i can just see all of this happening. haha. it made my day.