Friday, November 9, 2007

Adventures of Underwear Boy!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above"
James 1:17

UB is one of the wild boys. But his sweet innocent look with those big brown eyes makes me melt all over.

For the last couple of days UB has been doing some crazy things. For example, when I go check on the while they are playing outside,
I ask UB "Why is Cinnamon's back all wet?"
He says "Because I tee-teed on her?"

I guess he asks because he wants to test me to see if I know the correct way things happened?
I do have eyes behind my head you know, and besides moms know everything.

So then I ask UB "Why is the little dog wet?"
He says "Because I tried to give her a bath?"
"With what?" I ask because the water hose is not squirting water
"With my kool-aid mom" man, I guess I don't know everything

I come back inside to try to finish the 10th project I've started for the day. When I hear UB come running inside the house running away from his brother.
"What's going on?" I ask
"AB is trying to get me mom"
At this point I know something happened.

AB comes running in and says "Mom, UB threw a screwdriver at me and hit me on the back"
UB looks innocent and says "I just wanted him to play with me mom"

I send them outside again. When I go outside AGAIN to check on them, the quiet outside is just not normal, I find them digging a hole and UB is trying to fill it up with his tee-tee. I guess even superheroes have to pee a lot.

I stay out for a while and read the newspaper when I look up and don't see UB. He disappears because he is a super hero after all.

I get up to go look for him and when I open the back door, there is wet stuff all over the floor. My first thought is that it's pee, but then I see UB walking towards me with no shirt on. This is the conversation that happens.
Me- "Why is this floor wet?"
UB - "Because my water spilled"
Me- "Did you clean it up?"
UB - "Yes, I had to use my shirt because that's all I could find"
Me - "Your good clean shirt?"
UB - "Duh mom, It's not clean anymore I had to use it to clean the water up so that you won't get mad at me"

Then this is pretty much the way the rest of the day went.
He broke something.
He tried to glue it back again with tape.
He harassed the little dog.
He tried to ride the big dog.
He threw his toys all over his room trying to find that one little toy that is on the bottom of the toy box.
He threw more stuff at his brother.

But the best part was when I was tucking him in and he had his arms around me and giving me kisses and hugs. When I tried to break free from his hold, he said "not yet mom, I still have 300 more hugs and kisses to give you"

Thank you God for my good and perfect gift.

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jill said...

that is so great. lol. but your day sounds challenging.