Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's ninja time

I finally am able to post pictures of the Ninjas. For some reason, I have been having technical difficulties. Last night, as I was trying to download my pictures, from my camera to my computer, my computer comes up with a blue screen with words that aren't in my vocabulary. I knew that wasn't a good sign, because the last time I've seen a blue screen like that was the time that my hard drive went out. I was panicking because of course I don't have my pictures backed up on a disk. But after spending over an hour with the tech at Dell support I have my computer back. Woo hoo and all my files are just where I left them.

Last night we went to some friends houses to get candy then went to a church Hallow Him festival. The boys had lots of fun. Not to mention lots of candy. We did go to Ms. Gertrude's house and she did give them some sodee pop AND they had their choice of vanilla or chocolate pudding AND she even threw in some mints. We hit the jackpot at her house!!!!

AB and Hubster are ADHD. More on Hubster on another post. For now, I will tell you about my AB. He bugged me and bugged me and bugged me until he got some makeup for his ninja costume. He had been picturing in his mind about how he wanted to look. Yesterday was a tough day at school because all he could concentrate on was his costume and the makeup that would make him a ninja warrior.

He told me that he wanted black all around his eyes. I thought maybe he had changed his mind and was going as a raccoon instead of a ninja. But I was wrong. He wanted this makeup to cover his eyes so that he could look mean. Well, who am I to tell him it doesn't look good. So before he put the black eyes on, he wanted a scar under his eye to look like if he had gotten in a fight. I spend 30 minutes trying to get this thing on right and proportion it correctly so that it could look real. Because not only is he ADHD, he is also OCB. 10 minutes on and he pulls it off. AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!

He puts on black and red around his eyes. Don't ask why red. I don't even know why red. So he puts his mask on and decides that the black and red bother his eyes. While we are in the car, he proceeds to remove this makeup with wipes. When his eyes start to water, he blames it on the makeup. I'm just the mom, I don't know anything. Especially when I tell him not to use the wipes on his eyes.

But we get to Lisa and Eric's and all is well once he washes it off. Now I just have to find a way to get rid of all this candy without them finding out where it went. Hmmm.

Here are the Ninjas getting ready to attack anyone that comes near their candy bowls

AB is enjoying a cupcake he got at the church party

AB and I don't much care for chocolate, but UB sure does love it. Can you tell?

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