Monday, November 5, 2007

Fast food to go

"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark; Jesus got up, left the house
and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed."
Mark 1:35

I don't have a certain time that I get up and do my devotions. Sometimes I do it in the mornings, sometimes during the afternoon or sometimes it's at night. But I have noticed that when I don't pray, my day is just not right. So on those days I just stop what I'm doing and then pray. My day gets better from that point on.
One of my irks is when you go to a drive thru and there is a customer in front of you that forgot to get the memo that it is a FAST food restaurant.

Here is a conversation between a food board with a speaker (SB) and a customer (C)

SB - "Welcome to (insert favorite fast food place here) order when you're ready"

C - "Yes, could you hold on a minute?"

SB- after 3 minutes "Just order when you're ready"

C - "OK, I'd like to place two separate orders please. On the first order I'd like a #1 with no onions and no tomatoes, oh and could you add some cheese and also some mayonnaise. No, wait, just mustard, but only a little bit."

SB - "would you like to super size it?"

C - "ummm, welllll, I guess"

SB - "what would you like for your second order?"

C _ "I'm not sure yet, just a minute"

so while C thinks about what to order, my kids are wondering what is taking so long and the line is getting longer with irate customers wishing they could get their food FAST!

C - "OK, I'm ready now. I'd like a #3 with extra pickles and only one tomato. I would like to add jalapenos but make sure they are not the ends. Oh, and I know it says it has bacon but could you make sure that it really has bacon? "

SB - after repeating orders "That will be so much for order #1 and so much for order #2 "

C - "Wait, I need to order a shake to order #1. Is this going to take long? Because we're kind've in a hurry."

AAAAAAAGGGGGHHH, I guess I really didn't need to eat here after all. In the meantime, I think I'll leave these people a note and put it on their car, "This restaurant serves FAST food, but only when you ORDER fast!"

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jill said...

I often feel like I wish I could give that same message to most people.