Monday, November 19, 2007

Who keeps shutting my door?

"That's why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you'll get God's everything."
Mark 11:24

When I pray, I usually pray in general. But God wants us to pray for specifics. It doesn't matter how small the thing is you are asking for, that is what he wants to hear.
Seven years ago, we bought a front load washer and dryer. They are wonderful. I especially like them because I can let my laundry pile up and then wash lots at one time.

When we first bought them, we lived in a house that had the laundry room as you walked in the garage door.

I noticed that the water would set on the back of the washer door. So I would leave the door open a little just so that the inside could get dry.

I just had ideas of mold and gunk hanging out inside my washer waiting to take over my already dirty clothes.

But as I would leave it open a little at night, by the morning the door was closed all the way.
Some little washer fairy would visit my house.

When we moved into a house that had it's own laundry room, I thought "Great, now I can leave the door open ALL the way and not have to worry about Loren shutting the door"


I would open the door WIDE after washing and "someone" would shut it. I really thought I had left the washer fairy at the other house.

Just the other day he approached me and said he read or heard somewhere that we need to leave the door open to the washer because mold and stuff could "hang" out there.


Then my friend was telling me that her husband had been getting headaches and sinus infections. This started about the time that they went to go "mud out" some houses when some towns flooded earlier this year.

Their shower had been leaking and there was mold growing behind the walls. She kept telling him to tear down the shower so that they could redo it, this would stop his headaches.

Months passed, he decided to go to a "specialist" because we wives are not "specialists".

What do you think the DR. told him? Yup, he's allergic to mold!


Can anyone tell me the moral of these stories?



leb said...

are you trying to get me into trouble. LOL

jill said...

let me daddy?
Women are geniouses.