Saturday, November 3, 2007

What did he just say?

"Your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!"
Matthew 6:8

When you don't know what it is you need. God knows.
When you think you can't pray because you don't know what to say. God knows.
When you think you just can't go on anymore. God knows.

He knows what you need even before you know. He loves you and He will do anything for you.
Rely on God and let him take care of you. He will help.

The phone man was here trying to figure out what was wrong with the phone line that runs to my alarm. You see, I'm a chicken and I need that alarm turned on at night. Especially when Loren is not in town.

I was outside with the phone man while he was trying to explain to me what he found wrong with my phone line. Apparently, I'm not feeding my gophers enough, because they are eating my phone line. I think it's just because they are too scared to come out of their holes because Cinnamon will kill them. So they just stay underground trying to find food and when they have eaten all they can, they start on the phone line.

While talking to this nice phone man, underwear boy (better known as little boy) opens the garage door and yells loud enough for even the cows in the pasture to hear,
"Mom, get your big fat butt back in here!"

Umm, what did he just say?

My face started to burn, I think I was actually under tanning lights or something. The phone man suppressed a giggle and I said in my June Cleaver voice, through clenched teeth.
"OK, buddy, I'll be in in a minute"

I really don't remember much of the rest of the conversation, because I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do to underwear boy. You know, should I hang him upside down from the ceiling fan? Should I duct tape him on the wall in his underwear, those kind of things.

When I came in, I took care of underwear boy. No, I didn't hurt him (too bad). He's still up and about trying to harass the little dog, so I guess he's OK.


Jason&Erin said...

laura - that reminds me of the time cam saw loren coming out of your door early in the monning and yelled "hey you old lady!!!" it would have been really funny IF he had seen the neighbor lady walking her kid to the sitter's house who thought he was talking to her! we are playing catch up on your blogs, but we luv em.

tell loren and the boys hello for us


jill said...

so...underwear boy huh. lol. I'm pretty sure I would have said excuse me for a minute sir while I go and beat my child...haha. I hope I don't get put in jail for that when I have kids. lol. bc if they deserve it, they are gonna get it.
Speaking of Noah Arassing Hazy, do you think you might be able to keep Lola for me at Christmas for while we are at my Grandma's house? I can bring her over for a test run sometime with Hazy to see if they'll be even remotely compatible.