Monday, November 12, 2007

Man's best friend

"O God, let me sing a new song to you."

When your prayers always seem to be the same, sing a new song. Just worship God in a different way. Find bible quotes or words from worship songs. Just praise Him!

My boys always leave trails behind them. Like when they come inside and start taking their shoes off, then socks, then UB boys starts taking his pants and shirt off. The clothes is at the entrance of the laundry room, but not quite inside the laundry room.

Then they can't remember where they leave anything. So they start asking, "mom, have you seen my shoes?" And my comment can't be anything less than "well, last time I was wearing them I left them outside for the dog to play with"
Most of the times things just stay where they are when they stripped. I really don't think they notice me standing there while they throw their clothes on me as if I'm a coat rack. I don't think they notice me when they start looking for stuff and don't remember that the coat rack got dressed with their clothes.
I don't even think they would notice me if I were to drop dead in the middle of the floor. They would just walk around me or over me or rather yet, use me as a trampoline.
I think the only time they would notice me or anything about me is if I'm dead on the floor and they start smelling something bad. THAT would be the time that they would probably look down and say, "mom, you stink" and just go about their merry way.
At least I know Hazie would notice me because she would think that I'm laying down to play with her.

Yo quiero mi mama!

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Loren said...

I notice you. Thanks for being a good Mom.