Thursday, November 15, 2007

Glow with me

The boys found a some glow sticks that I had bought when they were on clearance after Halloween.

I should have never bought those things in the first place.

They opened them up after lunch. We still had some school to do so I asked (told) the boys to put them away until after school.

AB decided to hide his in his pants and play with it while doing phonics. I've already mentioned that he's ADHD so this is actually not a good idea because all he can concentrate is the glow stick.

After telling him twice to put it away, I become the Hulk teacher during the third time and grab it and throw it on the floor.

This turns ON the stick and OUT comes the drama. Girls aren't the only ones that can turn the drama on.

During our trip to karate, UB decides he wants his on as well, so I oblige.

Everything was going well until UB started complaining that his tongue was burning. I asked what he had done -"nothing"
I asked where the glow stick was -"here"- in it's full capacity stage glowing brightly.
I asked again what happened and he answers with his mouth full of saliva
"I on't no. I only oot i ongue on e ick."

Grab some tissues and spit it out boy. No blood, no eyes bulging, he's fine.

We get home I make dinner and while washing dishes I notice there is blue glowy stuff leaking on my counter top. Well, UB had bitten this thing ( I guess it look like a sour punch straw) and had bit a hole in it. I wasn't told because he knew he'd get in trouble.

Then AB confesses and says that while biting his green glow stick (he's trying to sharpen his teeth like dogs do) he busted his as well.

On the couch.

So the moral of the story is, if you get your kids glow sticks, make sure they are edible or made out of medal.

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