Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The dentist

And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 18:3

Then innocence of children is very noticeable when they pray. They thank God for everything, from having a good day to the vegetable garden growing. My boys sometimes pray for the strangest things, in my opinion, but when I start to think about it, that is the way we need to pray.

We need to pray like children. They are all about honesty and simplicity. Maybe we need to think more like them.
We had a family dentist appointment yesterday. Sadly, Hubster and I hadn't been in years, but for the boys it had only been a year. I know that's still a while, but at least it hadn't been years.

We get there and since we had never been to this dentist, I had mounds of paperwork to fill out. Form after form of what I really couldn't understand. I was just making sure I didn't read words like - death, sell kids, display teeth.

We waited for over an hour for the dentist to call our names. The boys enjoy going to the dentist. At their last dentist, they got toys as a reward. So they were wondering what kind of prize they would get and maybe they could get two. They were also fighting over who was going to go in first.

When the nurse came out, I think she was shocked to see two little boys running to her and both asking "am I first?"

But no, it was me.

It wasn't a bad thing. My teeth are apparently in good shape. And the reason the wait was so long out there was that the dentist was actually doing the cleaning. I've always gone to dentists who have a hygienist do the cleaning and then they do the looking, but not here. He did both. I actually liked this because I didn't have to wait extra for the looking in my mouth.

The boys were after me and we ended with Hubster. The boys were extremely excited because they didn't get a toy, but they got something better. Stickers of course. And they each got a plastic colored bag that looked like a pencil holder, filled with a toothbrush, dinosaur toothbrush cover, toothpaste, floss, purple teeth coloring tablets AND an hourglass.

They were ecstatic and couldn't stop saying how this was the best dentist they've been to and wanted to know when they could come back. It's always nice when your kids enjoy going to the dentist. Wait until they grow up and the dentist has to use the grinder to clean their teeth.
That will be fun.

I think the receptionist was actually glad when we left. She kept looking nervously at us. These boys talk ---a lot! You can't get them to stop. They find something to talk about then they both compete over who is going to tell the story the loudest. Telling them to use a quiet voice doesn't work because to them what they are using IS a quiet voice.

They also kept jumping up to ask if it was their turn to see the dentist.

They were little mexican jumping beans.

There was one time when the boys went in to use the bathroom. Then a lady went in after them. BIG mistake. She came out and told the receptionist that the toilet was leaking because there was WATER on the floor. Hubster and I just looked at each other and knew right away.
That's when we both just wanted to leave. Isaac just looked at us innocently, but sheepish.

So it was no surprise when she was VERY HAPPY to tell us bye! Almost like, don't let the door hit you on the way out happy.

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