Friday, December 14, 2007

Adventure Boy's Christmas list

Adventure Boy is 6 going on 16. He wants everything electronic for Christmas. He thinks Santa is bringing him everything he asked for. Boy is he going to be surprised when that doesn't happen.

His list consists of an xbox, playstation, wii,electric guitar, laptop, drum set, computer games, ipod, and various other items. Do you see a pattern here? Nothing on that list says less than $10.

Hubster wanted to get the boys a video game console so that they can have something to do with their friends. I said, "let them dig holes in the back yard and find horny toads with their friends". We ended up getting them a used console of some sort. I think it will do the job and maybe when they get older, as I will, I might consider getting them something that I know they won't break.

Adventure Boy knows people with an ipod. When he is around these people, thanks Barb, they let him listen to their ipod. He is rockin' and rollin' and thinkin' that he's getting one little ipod for Christmas.

Yesterday while on our way to karate, I hear humming from the back seat. That is somewhat rare because I usually hear fighting. I look in my rear view mirror and see some headphones in AB's ears. I turn around to get a better view. Yup, sure are earphones in there.

I ask him what he's listening to since he was humming AND had earphones. He says "nothing mom, I'm just pretending I have an ipod."

Well, at least he's using his imagination.

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