Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's the going rate for the Tooth Fairy?

For those of you that asked if the Tooth Fairy came to visit Underwear Boy, the answer is yes. The Tooth Fairy at this house pays well for the first tooth, $5, but after that, the price goes down to under a $1.

The Tooth Fairy at this house is quite proud of the first lost tooth.

Before bed that night, while tucking Underwear Boy in and giving him a good night kiss, I saw that he had his tooth in a baggie and had the baggie towards the middle of the pillow. Normally, that wouldn't be such a bad idea, but when your child sleeps on the top bun, it makes it quite difficult to reach up and grab the package in order to make the exchange.

I told him to move it towards the side closest to the floor. "No mom, it has to be in the middle under my pillow". I was already wondering how the Tooth Fairy was going to reach up there.

When it was time for the Tooth Fairy to make the exchange, she reached up and found Underwear Boy sleeping soundly with the package wound up tightly in his hand. So now the TF had to figure out how to get it out without waking him up. Tiptoeing as high as she could, because the wings were broken that night so she couldn't fly, she reached in with one hand to remove the package and with the other hand stuck the money in his hand.

It was a little difficult for the TF, but she's a woman, she handled it well and with only a few minor bruises from the rails of the bunk bed.

He woke up and found the money then came to our bedroom and said proudly, "mom, dad, the Tooth Fairy came and left me a dollar, but that's OK because I only wanted a dollar." Hubster and I look at each other because I knew that it was more than that. I look and ask him what number was on the bill. His eyes got big and said "5". Still not understanding the whole concept of money, he says "It's a dollar with a 5 on it. I have a dollar 5."

Maybe I can exchange the 5 for a 1 and he won't know. Just kidding!

Yes, it's hard to believe that he is only 4 and already losing teeth. As a mom, I keep telling myself that he's still too young, but the dentist said he was right on track. But maybe also as a mom, the realization is hitting that my baby is not a baby anymore.

What is the Tooth Fairy, if you believe in it, or what are you giving for teeth when they fall out of get pulled out of your children's mouth?


berrblonde said...

Well I think ub made out quite well..i think our going rate was a quarter growing up and darn happy to get it (haha) and even though its been long long ago I think the highest our "tooth fairy" ever paid to our kids was a your tooth fairy is alot wealthier than ours!! haha..:)

Kari said...

We do the same. Five for the first tooth, although my baby is 9 now and it is hard to remember we've lost so many teeth, and $1 for the rest of the teeth. We are almost done, maybe about 15 more teeth to go, so $15 more dollars. Thats okay, cause college will cost a lot more and so will braces for the teeth that come in crooked! I'm the tooth fairy around here and they know it, so I don't have to climb bunk beds or get up in the middle of the night!