Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let the lego adventure begin

The boys got some Lego's for Christmas and they needed help building them. Daddy had to go back to work so I helped. We built both sets. Each had over 430 pieces. I was starting to see double by the time I finished Underwear Boys. But the ships got built and they played with them a little last night.

That is how I spend my afternoon yesterday. Making my boys happy by building their Lego ships. There were so many pieces that I dreamt about Lego's invading my house last night. Wait, that's already happened.

When you come to our house, you'd better have shoes on or else the tiny little Lego's will invade the space in between your toes. And if you decide to wrestle with the boys on your knees, you might want to wear knee pads or else you'll have a tatoo of a Lego piece on your knee. Don't worry if you kick a Lego piece under the couch, it will eventually be found by the vacuum cleaner.

I need to get a sign at our door that reads:
"Warning, enter at your own risk. Lego invasion occurring"


"If you want to enter our house,
be prepared for a joust.
The Lego knights are all around,
waiting to get you on the ground.
So don't be afraid to come on in,
your Lego adventure will soon begin."

1 comment:

berrblonde said...

Good job Laura..aww..I miss my lego days..enjoy while ya can! :) and if ya had a cat it would be way more fun..Legos are a cats favorite toy! lol.