Monday, December 17, 2007

What movies are good for kids?

Today we are a going to talk about how you decide what movies your child should watch. This requires some participation from anyone reading this blog.

In case you forgot what "participation" means, it comes from the word "participate" which means: to have or take part or share with others. So sign in with your nickname or your real name and "participate".

Of course, I could just be writing to myself because I"m not really sure if anyone reads my blog.

OK, now that I've got that out of my system, let's start.

What type of movies do you allow your kids or nephews, nieces, grand kids to watch?

For example, my kids are 6 & 4. There are just some movies that we don't allow them to watch. Anything rated R or PG-13. Even some PG movies are a little strong. Hubster and I base it on what content it has.

Back when I was growing up, mom used to allow us to watch movies. I don't even remember if we had PG-13 back then, but the rated R movies were nowhere in content as the rated R movies are now.

I'm not trying to shield my kids from life issues. But I would like them to stay innocent as long as they can.

The problem is when they have friends over. My kids get harassed (not bad) about not being able to watch PG-13 movies. But Adventure Boy will sometimes tell them that God doesn't want them to listen to movies with bad words in them. Go AB!

We had some friends over and the 9 yr old wanted to watch a certain PG-13 movie. Hubster knew the content it had. This 9 yr old said that it had some sexual content in the movie, but it was OK because it wasn't much. They did however say lots of bad words and it was violent.

After hubster decided that we would not get that movie for our boys to see, even if it was a popular one, our friend told this little boy that they preview the shows first to see if it is proper for him to watch and then allow him watch all types of movies.

So what do we as parents, grandparents and such preview? How strong the sexual content is? What is appropriate to let these kids see? A naked body? Two adults naked in bed? Where do we draw the line?

What about the words that are said? If they don't say more than 10 "F" words it's appropriate? Or if only 2 people get beheaded then it's OK? I just don't understand.

Everyone will raise their kids the way that they see fit. We will continue to raise ours the way God wants us to.

And no, we are not holier than thou. We are just trying to do what's right for our kids.

So what is your opinion? Remember, PARTICIPATION.


BARBB said...

I totally agree..Kids grow up way to fast and the parents are partly to blame..I think there is nothing wrong with being involved with your children and not leting them watch a movie just because "everyone else gets to" stick to your guns Laura have two wonderful boys who will grow up to be wonderful young men!

Kari said...

Laura - I'm sure you know my stance. I don't let my kids watch shows that some very upstanding Christians let their children watch because of the content. I don't like "kid" shows that constantly display affection, i.e. kissing, holding hands, etc, at a very young age like 9-13 yr olds. I don't like kid movies that even say one cuss word in it. I don't see how that is appropriate. You would have to get me started! Well we are on our way to see Enchanted today. I'll let you know how it is. I read your blog almost everyday. How about you, you read mine? Love ya,