Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The moods of Underwear Boy

Underwear Boy has been a little like us women……hormonal. I’m not sure what the proper way to say it for boys is, maybe testosternal? Whatever it is, UB has it.

He’s got seasonal asthma and this year’s seasons have been real doozies. He had a cough for several weeks. Not so bad during the day, but pretty severe at night and when he played. He never complained about being sick. He just went on with his daily orneriness.

After several weeks, I decided it was time to see the Dr. I figured if I was overreacting, the Dr. would tell me. After being examined, the Dr. concluded that his asthma was still hanging around and his small airways were a little blocked.

He prescribed a medicine that he has to take two teaspoons twice a day. Needless to say, this is making him extremely moody. One minute he’s happy and laughing, the next he’s crying. Sounds like his momma. Poor kid.

On Sunday, as we were getting dressed to go to church, he was happy. As soon as it was time to tie his shoes, he started to cry. Saying he didn’t want to go to church, he just wanted to stay home.

In the car, he’s fine. Still sucking those fingers and while he’s doing that he’s happy. When we get to church, he starts to cry again. We persuade him to get out of the car and we proceed inside. While walking inside, hubster and I are trying to make him feel better.

Me: You like going in your Sunday school class.
UB: No, I want to go in Ms. Maggies
Hub: But you have so much fun in Ms Melissas.
UB: No I don’t, we just play
Me: You get to do crafts in her class and you like that
UB: I only like to do crafts on Sunday’s
Hub: But today is Sunday
UB: I mean only on Tuesday’s

He’s still crying when this is all over. Hubster was teaching so he leaves to go to class. I am still trying to console Underwear Boy and trying him to get in his Sunday school class. Surprisingly, I have some patience. I ordered some up that day. Actually, I think I’m feeling guilty because I didn’t take him to the Dr. before he got this bad and now feel like it’s my fault.

I inform Ms Melissa about what is happening and then bribe UB with some candy to go in his class. By this time he’s laughing with his friends. All is well!

Until the next mood swing.

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