Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Brothers racing

Here is what the boys got for Christmas. At first, we thought that Underwear Boy was going to need training wheels because his feet don't touch the bottom without having to tiptoe. But he proved me wrong. Now, he has daddy start it for him, he sits on it and says "launch me daddy".

Adventure Boy is a natural. He got his first dirt bike for his 4th birthday and someone stole it last year. What low life steals from a child?

I stay inside because it just makes me nervous to ride. AB is now doing tricks. Like standing on his seat, doing the spider man, and other stuff. UB is trying to do it, but knows not to.

They had some friends over last week and the friends got to ride these dirt bikes. The friends live on the other side of town in an area with lots of trees. We don't have any trees. These friends went home that day and told their parents that they needed to sell their house and move closer to our house in an area without trees so that they could buy some dirt bikes.

The simple logic of kids.

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berrblonde said...

well..i might be able to ride the little dirt bike..atleast when i fall off..wouldnt have far to go!..they amaze me!..clever boys!