Thursday, December 13, 2007

How many ways can you use tape?

Yay! I finally finished my Christmas shopping. I decided to wrap some presents for the boys while they were over at my friends house. The only problem is that I forgot that finding tape (of any kind) at my house is impossible.

The boys use tape on everything. They build structures of some sort with tape. We used to have electrical tape, masking tape, paint tape, scotch tape, duct tape (wait, that's what I use on the boys) but now there is NO tape.

I find it everywhere. On their dressers, on action figures that are being taped to the top of a hot wheel, on drill bits to make them longer, on anything these boys can get their hands with.
As you can see, the top item is a paper towel cardboard with some sort of car knob or something taped to the end with electrical tape.
The bottom is of two paperclips joined together in matri-tapy to live happily ever after as a couple.
Hubster and I have even almost fallen down when masking tape has been used as a trap in our bedroom to keep unwanted visitors out. I'm just wondering why it doesn't keep the boys out.
After looking a while for tape, I remembered that I just bought a new pack and I hid it.
But where did I hide it? I know I put it someplace safe from little boys, where might that be?

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