Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Will the tooth fairy come to my house?

My baby lost his first baby tooth yesterday. It made me realize that my baby is growing up. They grow up so fast. When he went to the dentist, the dentist told him that his bottom two teeth were loose. Yesterday while in karate, he told me that his bottom tooth is wiggling. He wiggled it with his finger just to show me it’s true.

While Adventure Boy was in karate, Underwear Boy was sitting on my lap wiggling his tooth. He said that the tooth fairy was going to visit him that night. When AB was done with karate, UB approached him and showed him his almost out loose tooth. AB grabbed it and out it came.

UB came running to me with a huge grin and blood all over his face saying that the tooth fairy was coming to his house that night. When I asked him where his tooth is, he informed me that AB lost it when he pulled it out.

I walked over to the crime scene and asked AB where the tooth was, he shrugged his shoulders and casually told me that he didn’t know, it fell somewhere on the floor, but did I see that UB’s tooth was out because he pulled it out for his brother. Never mind that sentimental, pack rat mom didn’t have her baby’s first lost tooth.

It didn’t even bother them that the tooth was lost. AB was just proud that he helped and UB was glad his loose tooth that the dentist told him would come out finally did.

But someone had the tooth and they gave it to me. Now sentimental, pack rat mom can put it away in the drawer that has all the other memories and what nots of the boys.

Underwear Boy was quite proud of this new hole in his mouth. He showed everyone in the waiting room at karate and everyone was nice enough to make nice comments. UB even asked if he looked 'cool'.

We went to run an errand after karate and while I was paying, I notice a gentleman glaring at UB. I look over and UB is showing him his missing tooth. Not saying a word, just doing this.

The man apparently didn’t care too much for the show because he was not too happy. I wanted to give him an ugly look and tell him to chill out. I kept my cool and told UB to stop harassing the NICE man because it looked like HE didn’t want to be bothered.

Then I gave him a nice mommy grin and left. Don’t mess with my baby mister!

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Kari said...

So did the tooth fairy come? How much is the rate at the davis household for a tooth? I can't believe he is so big to be loosing a tooth! When did he grow up? Tell him Sarah, Zech and Isabella thinks its cool.